Thursday 5 May 2022

2 Poems by Randall Rogers

Must Flush Society

Life is like a missile
fired at the enemy:
meaningless and unchanging
when it fails to go off.



Randall Rogers is a writer from the US Midwest. He is dedicated to reading, writing, and watching TV. He attempts to co-edit the poetry publication The Beatnik Cowboy, an online weekly and tri annual hard copy poetry publication offering fresh, unpretentious views of life. Conspicuous consumption of the curious. Ripley’s like in its presentation of word oddities as poems and rarely artwork. Randall is seeking new directions in poetry building on the shoulders of wee little folk. ‘Cuz there’s lots of ‘em round the Black Hills, and “they’re good poets” Randall says. Ask any local Lakota. Randall’s editorial blitzkrieg may be viewed online at Beatnik Cowboy dot com. Little people rule!!

Dawn’s efforts in my apartment turned seven years of clutter and a mountain of empty milk containers into paradise. (Show before and after photos.)

She restructured my existence turning my place from a sty to the apple of the middle class eye! (photo)

I was wasting my money paying high rent and living in a messy, too cluttered environment. I could barely move! Dawn got me organized. Vastly improved my living standard and enjoyment of my place. I’m much more productive now. I work at home as a teacher and would be writer.

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