Thursday 5 May 2022

4 Poems by dave boles

A Bowl of Blackberries Late into the Night

Did you dance with the creator
While arranging words before you
Watching Vishnu soar
Upon the back of Garuda
Ascending to the light
There is an opening
On the horizon
Calling you to
Free your mind
And dive right in.


i keep an old wheel barrow
red, flat tire
down by the creek
where magic grows

the flat tire makes it
difficult to use
but it comes in handy

when harvesting magic


dave boles (bodhi), is a Publisher, Writer and Designer. Founder of the magazine Primal Urge, he also created the anthology Voices, which he publishes through his press, Cold River Press. Through his church, The Church Of The Illuminated Monkey, he helps dispel the myth that faith needs religion in order to flourish. He has published, designed, edited and written numerous books, articles, and periodicals, both nationally and internationally. He lives at his retreat, Lake House, with a variety of animals and his wife, Mrs. America.

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