Thursday 5 May 2022

PP Editors' Notes

dear All PP Patrons, 


hope this third annual edition of PP finds each and every one of you well and safe in this trying time!


first and foremost, as planned and announced last year, we have changed our Poetry Pacific from an annual online edition to a printed anthology! at the same time, we release an or kindle edition of the anthology, in addition to our online publication. Given this big change, we adopt a new format: in our online edition, we feature only one or two poems from those who have more than two pieces accepted, but for artworks, such as paintings, drawings, studies and photos, we showcase them all and only in our online edition for 'better' presentation. in other words, the paperback and include all the poems or word content, while the online edition samples only word content but presents all the visual artworks. 

links for the & paperback:

also, good news for some authors: from now on, we are open to chapbook and full-length collection ms submissions year round. though we have no specific restrictions or "guidelines," a query (including a short proposal and literary cv) first would be greatly appreciated. 


another note to all submitters: while we are deeply grateful for your (continuing) support, please wait a period of four months, or at least two issues/years (in the case of acceptance by PP), before submitting new work to us. 


most important: as beginning from this (2022) edition, PP will be released as an annual edition both as a print anthology and an as for our website, we will continue to maintain it but only for promotional purposes; that is, we will use this site mainly to sample the content of every anthology and showcase all the accepted visual artworks in the years to come. 


in this annual edition, we are honored to present 66 authors and 6 artists.

happy reading/viewing,


with all very best wishes for this trying time... 

- eds. at PP

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