Thursday 5 May 2022

3 Poems by Suzan Alparslan

Icarus at Nightfall

You were there when I caught
the sun with my own jaw—
snapped it up in a flicker,

ground it into my double-espresso
and swallowed. I could hear
the night descend, thoughtless

as a minor chord
played on a broken organ.
Of course, you soon took off—

headed straight for the gap
between watching and being.
You took it with you, the light,

inhaled each rich, searing particle whole
as I watched the malnourished sky
atrophy around me, taking down
with it the moon, stifled on the rise.


Suzan Alparslan’s poems have been published in; Smartish Pace, Poeticdiversity, The Pedestal Magazine, Mannequin Envy Triplopia and HazMat Lit Review, among other journals. She also holds an MFA from Antioch University and was a proud mentor at Suzan writes, draws, paints and massages in Los Angeles where she lives with her interspecies family.

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