Thursday 5 May 2022

5 Poems + 2 Calligraphic Artworks by Yuan Changming

Our Species: A Bio-Note of Homo Sapiens

So, we distinguished ourselves as
Bipedalists eating cooked foods

So, we’ve become frenzy
Makers of all types of waste

So, we will immigrate to
A Mars after ruining Earth

So, we are a unique species
The only storied creatures

(So, in a sense, our inner
Sense has no innocence)


In a parallel garden of Eden created
By an even higher life, there was also
A young couple of two opposite sexes

Where the eve barbecued the Serpent
And enjoyed its flesh with the adam
While they managed to sell the Apple

To God, thus beginning to live
Happily ever after by choosing
To immigrate to an other earth

Ink Brushing: Chinese calligraphic artwork in free cursive style -1

                        Ink Brushing: Chinese calligraphic artwork in free cursive style -2


Yuan Changming, 12-time Pushcart nominee and multiple poetry award winner, is probably the world's most widely published contemporary poetry author from China, who speaks Mandarin but writes in English. Growing up in an isolated village, Yuan started to learn the English alphabet in Shanghai at age nineteen and authored several monographs on translation before leaving China as an international student. With a PhD in English from the University of Saskatchewan, Yuan lives in Vancouver, where he edits Poetry Pacific with Allen Yuan. Since mid-2005, Yuan has had poetry appearing in more than 1,900 literary outlets across 48 countries, which include Best Canadian Poetry (2009, 2012, 2014), the Best of the Best Canadian Poetry (2008-2017), BestNewPoemsOnline & Poetry Daily. In recent years, Yuan was nominated & served on the Jury for Canada’s National Magazine Awards (poetry category). Currently, Yuan is working on his first (hybrid or cultural) novel Edening.

Solo Chapbooks by Yuan Changming:
1. Chansons of a Chinaman [Paperback]. Murfreesboro, TN: Leaf Garden, 2009.
2. Landscaping [Paperback]. San Jacinto, CA: Flutter Press, 2013.
3. Mindscaping [e.chapbook]. Halifax: Fowlpox Press, 2014.
4. Origin of Letters [e.chapbook]. Chicago: Beard of Bees Press, 2015.
5. Kinship [Paperback] Seattle: Goldfish Press, 2015.
6. Wordscaping [e. Chapbook]. Halifax: Fowlpox Press, 2016.
7. Dark Phantasms [Paperback]. San Jacinto, CA: Flutter Press, 2017.
8. East Idioms [e.chapbook]., 2019.
9. (R)e.volution [Paperback]. LA: the Wapshott Press, 2021.
10. 《袁昌明诗选》(Selected Poems of Yuan Changming) [Paperback &]. Vancouver: Poetry Pacific Press, 2021.
11. Limerence [Paperback &]. Vancouver: Poetry Pacific Press, 2021.
12. All My Crows [Paperback]. Grass Valley, CA: Cold River Press, 2022.
13. E.denning [Paperback]. Seattle: Goldfish Press, 2022.

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