Monday 5 August 2013

1 Poem by Stephen Kopel


Her black bikini,
red boots
brought Kafka to mind

He'd sweat at the thought
of untying that frilly top,
cupping hand to heel,
spanking soft leather
with his tongue,
biting her bare ankles, then,
striding down the boardwalk
expecting her nakedness
to dissolve into ether

Later, at Iturbi's,
sipping espresso,
he imagined seeing her breasts
emerge from boots,
black bikini on spiders' legs
scuttling out the door


Stephen Kopel is a teacher, cyclist, wordsmith and events presenter in San Francisco; he is the author of chapbooks crux and crax; of books Tender Absurdity, Spritz and Picnic Poetry; twice nominated for the Pushcart Prize; this poet's principal interest is bringing together a disparate audience for his work...hence, the underlying principal in Mr. Kopel's poetry is to enjoy the language as he uses it - double/triple word and phrase meanings, imaginative associations of phrases throughout the poetic work and a deeply-rooted sense of FUN.  

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