Monday 5 August 2013

3 Poems by Mark Nenadov

Ancient Tower

In the days before
he broke the waters
to the other side
back and forth
this wide looker
towering and swaying
prancing like a penguin
smiling in the breeze
which pours forth
from the golden shore.

Northern Cardinal

With seeds on his mind
he becomes a crimson flash.
Sits among the saintly snow,
which buries the weeds
while the pond freezes below.
Every time he migrates into my mind,
I admire his life.
Princely, perched in the tree.
So little strife
because sensible birds live free.
how happy a bird's life could be!

A Rippled Pond

Two years now we've watched
the leaves shout with their falling voice
and now the sheafs are piling up
two ducks are flying and
gliding along life's rippled pond
and it's our day
we're perched like a lighthouse,
marking out what seems like
just a few stone skips ago
when we joined our ways inseparably
we're happy and puzzled
trying to figure out
where the time went.


Mark Nenadov lives in Essex, Ontario, Canada with his lovely wife and their baby daughter. Mark's poems have appeared in publications such as Wilderness House Literary Review, Shot Glass Journal, WestWard Quarterly, Northern Michigan University's The Lightkeeper, Northern Cardinal Review, and Pif Magazine. He also has a poem in the recently published Whisky Sour City analogy about Windsor, Ontario. See for more details.

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