Monday 5 August 2013

1 Poem by Summer Nolan

Scraping wallpaper in the bathroom

My father and I work contentedly, jubilantly,
Scraping off the layers of paisley and the blood red flowers underneath them.
Revealing the creamy white wall which hasn’t been seen in more than 20 years.

It is as if we are scraping away the layers of your sickness.
As if the walls were filled with tiny pores which are finally able to breath
The room feels lighter
It echoes with our laughter.
I cannot remember the last time you were gone for an entire day,
The last time I didn’t return home, arms laden with laundry,
To hear your voice echoing through the dark hallways
Like a ghost
Quietly putting into place another broken something-
Today you have left for an entire afternoon.
My father and I turned on the lights when you left, and inspected the dilapidated nest you
had woven.
We set to work with sponges, and watched,
As the thick old paper began to melt.
It was as if it was ready to move on, quietly, putting up very little fight.
Some places required grit, but for the most part
It was a peaceful ending.
I am hopeful, that when you return home to see what we have done
You will do the same.
Your pores will open-
And a piece of your soul will begin to breath.


Summer Nolan is a twenty two year old college student from Oklahoma studding Theatre Performance. She is also an advocate for victims of human trafficking, hoping to raise awareness with her co-authored play on the subject, VOICED.  She enjoys long books and short naps, and also the reverse.

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