Monday 5 August 2013

3 Poems by William E. Berry, Jr.


It weaves
Intricate twists and turns
Delicate fragrances of frankincense and nutmeg
shaping the displeasures of youth
morphing towards the righteous beatitudes of older life
knowing because wisdom is lived and nurtured
not encumbered by boundaries or threats or truth and dares
wrapping my spirit into nothingness.
letting it breathe
just because.

©2012 William E. Berry, Jr.


searching the
tranquility in age-old
novels and vinyl recordings
Remembering a past and
believing then was
better than now.

Hey, “silly rabbit”
the wolf is approaching –

No time for memories
too bad,
death will understand your

© 2013 William E. Berry, Jr.

Death’s Anniversary…Notes on Passing and Ascendance

I can never give you back what I robbed from you
Discordant notes and unfilled blues passages that skirt over the jazzman’s fingers
Weeping willows that kiss the ground and stay stationary like fallen soldiers that life has abandoned

I am free falling

Grabbing at stars and moonlight that melt in my atmosphere of regret
Stories that can never be told as the sands of time became rotted earth
There is no time machine…no beam me up apparatus that can still the raging hurt
Being lost as leaves decompose and seasons morph
Forgiveness is the rock that Sisyphus could not overcome

The clock ticks.


William (bill) E. Berry, Jr. is the publisher of the thrice-yearly online journal simply called aaduna. He also serves as the CEO of its parent corporation, aaduna, Inc., a non-profit and tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) organization. With work published in aaduna, bill periodically will read his work upon invitation and a lot of prodding. Unfortunately, he likes to “fly” under the radar. bill spent over thirty years in higher education as a senior level administrator, adjunct professor, conference speaker and consultant. He claims that he is his work. To decipher truth from fiction, check out or

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