Monday 5 August 2013

3 Poems by Robert Jacoby

Becoming and Coming

What words I must invent for us
dreamers in each other’s eyes
ensnared in love and dust and furies
shining stars picked from
fingertipped night skies
a hallowed sea, a seaful of eyes
full of the glories of creatures
becoming and coming
our skin the sieve of selves
flown and knowing
bleeding and believing creation in each other’s eyes.

Our love is suns’ fusions thick

Our love is suns’ fusions thick
Fashioning meteors’ star-tipped misted musics
Across a stretched sheet of star-pured universe
One hand full of God’s slowed love
One night full of starred and starring you
Globes are suns are skull-shifting weight
Planet’s axes re-align to gravity’s seed
North and south and south and north combined.

Our dark matter is beginningless.
Liquid divides the air, to heaven’s level.
Our glory comes from such.

Of the Universe and My Insects

The universe is in my head
Leaking out by drips
Through bone holes without edges
Eaten by insects
Desperate to crawl
To horizons
For horizonless suns.

The insects are relentless. The insects will not rest.

They breed meticulously
Cleaning antennae
Of bits of dreams while

I tend the larvae.


Robert Jacoby [] pursues happiness in Maryland. His poems and short works have appeared in about 20 literary magazines, most recently in Sleet Magazine, Slow Trains, and The 2River View. He is the author of two books, a novel, There are Reasons Noah Packed No Clothes (2012), and a memoir (by interview) Escaping from Reality Without Really Trying (2011). He is at work on a second novel; a book of poems, from which these poems are selected; and another nonfiction book—Never Stop Dancing—a memoir (by interview) of a friend who lost his wife in a pedestrian traffic accident in Washington, D.C. in April 2010, and the aftermath and recovery with his two young sons (visit his friend’s online journey at; LinkedIn:; Amazon Author page:; Goodreads Author page:; Wikipedia User page:

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