Monday 5 August 2013

1 Poem by William Bortz


I remember the canopy over your bed,
and how the light from the window would pour through it,
and onto your silky skin in the mornings.
I found a piece of myself in that bed when I discovered who called it home.
the girl who would ask why the sun was so bright when her mood was so dark,
the girl who would nurture me when I wanted the sun to be brighter.
she would tell me how scared she was of oblivion,
the girl I told was my oblivion,
and the girl who answered saying, "I am just a wreck amongst wrecks, darling."
the girl who's skin smelled like green tea,
and felt as soft as ash.
not once did I close my eyes underneath that canopy,
and not once did you ask why.
because there was nothing to worry about as we would lie there trying to sleep.
a part of me got lost in those sheets


William Bortz is a young poet and author from the Midwest. William currently has three books under his belt, 'These Ties', 'Petrichor', and 'Noema', but is always working to add another. When William isn't writing he's working towards his Bachelor's degree in psychology.

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