Monday 5 August 2013

Poetry Pacific: Editor's Notes

Since we released our first quarterly (spring) issue, we have had a much wider readership! According to our traffic records, we have thus far had pageviews by browsers from more than 100 countries, with the United States, Canada, Germany, Russia, China (excluding Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau), the United Kingdom, France, India, Philippines and New Zealand as our top 10 sources of audience.

Starting from the current issue, we will introduce a prose section "Interview with Poetry Editors," in which we are committed to featuring a number of poetry editors by asking them to respond to what we consider to be "9 Fundamental Questions" about poetry writing/editing/publishing. By replacing our topics for PP's Chatroom with these questions in each upcoming issue, we hope to encourage more interest in, and thinking about, poetry as a worthy human cause. In the mean time, everyone is welcome to answer these questions (as can readily be found in our interview pages), or even raise more or other questions and send his/her response to us at If we find it informative, intriguing or inspiring, we will post it as soon as we can.

As we are to upgrade Poetry Pacific into a publishing house, we plan to begin publishing poetry chapbooks or collections later this year when we are technically more prepared. Please stay tuned for more details/guidelines as well as for our open calls for manuscript submissions. In fact, as an experiment, we have just released our very first poetry collection in hard-copy in a couple of weeks; it is titled TRAFFIC LIGHT by Allen Qing Yuan.

To receive more readerly attention, we will do more social networking via Facebook, and LinkedIn. By so doing, we will try harder to promote our poets, their works and other poetry-related activities. For instance, we will post our interviews with poetry editors on our facebook, and post an editor's pick for discussion from time to time. Please join us, like/follow us on

Last but not least, please note the changes in our submission guidelines on the right column of our main page. For instance, we request all submitters not to send their work in .docx any more, as it does not work well with our blog-based formatting process. Also, any submitter who does not get a acceptance e.message from us within 30 days after sending his/her work over to us please feel free to submit it anywhere else, since we never give any one a 'rejection notice'.

Happy reading and have a great summertime!

Mon., 5 August 2013

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