Monday 5 August 2013

3 Poems by DJ Tyrer

The Flesh & The Devil

They say the Flesh is weak
But really it is overwhelmingly strong
The Devil was pure flame
Till the day he put on a coat of skin
The Flesh corrupted the Devil
Just as the Flesh corrupts us all
Tempting, taunting
Feeling, flaunting
Otherwise delights the Spirit cannot resist
That the Spirit cannot comprehend
The Devil just invites us along
For the fleshy joy ride
We ought to resist
In favour of our true nature
But choose instant gratification
Over eternal gain.

Two Sisters

Two sisters born to rule
One acts wise, one acts the fool
Attend a ball in matching masks
Neither tells, neither asks
The secret of the pale stranger
Who carries with him scent of danger
No mask he says with a sigh
Prompting a sister's bitter cry


Yet you sing one last sad song
Else you be forever trapped in silence
Look towards the dawn
Lest your eyes grow dim
Or the colour of decadence fades
Without a resolution to this masque

[Author's note: Previous publication credits:  The Flesh & The Devil - The Supplement 65; Two Sisters - The Poetry Explosion Newsletter, October 2012; Fading - Carillon #33]


DJ Tyrer is the person behind Atlantean Publishing. Published in numerous small press magazines in the UK, USA and elsewhere, his latest poetry booklet, Our Story is now available.

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