Monday 5 August 2013

3 Poems by Jeremiah Walton

The Birds

Line of velvet black
Dangling from a wire
Toes latched, non-conductable
Talons trimmed
To split prey precisely
Squeals and wriggling embalmed
In struggle of feathers & fur
All birds aligned
With tapered grins
A quire, negro Seraphim
Crowing, dawn squawks
a sunrise, quire coos
Their guts bursting from song
"We are the birds
who wake you in the morn
We are the birds
who sing at your funerals
We are the birds
who hold you awake at night
while your dramatizing
your personal history,
masticating memories,
It’s just you, but your Gaze
is most anticipated.
We are the birds
That sing for you
With bird feed raw throats
we sing to you"
And they'll sing
And they'll sing
And they'll yap and they'll cackles
And we'll sing
along out of tune.
"We are the birds,
Orchestrated and rehearsed"


An assemblage of comely
angels, squirting
muddy come, murky
ethereal orgasms.
masturbating to
Earthling lovers
they'll never
the sweet
between man
God says,
"You can
be human.


I am a one-thousand-petaled-lotus
Infinitely flowering
You are a one-thousand-petaled-lotus
Infinitely flowering
Flowering infinitely
Bask in the Sun of Self
Plastic flower, ego
Converting heat
Photosynthetic burning
Reflecting petals reflecting petals
Do you recognize yourSelf?
Are you aware?
Are fire proof


Jeremiah Walton is a youth poet living in New England.  He manages Nostrovia! Poetry, a small publishing press dedicated towards promoting poetry and writing to the youth generation.  Nostrovia! Poetry publishes chapbooks, through blogs and contests, micro-chapbooks, zines, and whatever it can sink its teeth into.

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