Tuesday 5 November 2013

1 Poem by Hu Shi

The Night of January 24th

The shadow of the aged pagoda tree,
Is gently waving in the moonlit ground;
A few dry leaves are still dancing on the date tree,
To make a feeble voice from time to time.

The autumn tint of West Hill beckons me several times,
Unfortunately I am shackled by my own disease.
Now they say I am to be well.
And the remotely gorgeous autumn is long past.

About the author:

Hu Shi (1891—1962), originally named Hu Hongxing, was a native of Jixi, Anhui Province. He went to study in America in 1910, and got his PhD at the University of Columbia. After he returned to his native country in the July of the same year, he was professor and then president of Peking University, and Chinese ambassador in America. In January, 1917, he published “A First Opinion on the Reform of Literature” in New Youth, and launched a literary revolution together with Chen Duxiu. He went to America in 1948, and later to Taiwan. He was the author of A Collection of Trial Poems, A New Collection of Trial Poems (collections of poems). His Standing Writings of Hu Shi and An Outline of Chinese Philosophy History are known to the world.
(Tr. by Zhang Zhizhong)

        -- 胡适



胡适(1891—1962),原名胡洪骍,安徽绩溪人。1910年赴美国留学,1917年获哥仑比亚大学哲学博士学位。同年7月回国后,曾任北京大学教 授、校长及驻美国大使等职。1917年1月在《新青年》上发表《文学改良刍议》,与陈独秀等掀起文学革命。1948年赴美国,后去台湾。主要作品有:诗集 《尝试集》、《尝试后集》等。另有《胡适文存》、《中国哲学史大纲》等传世。

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