Tuesday 5 November 2013

2 Poems by Mary B. McKeel

Cats and Observation Theory

I’m sorry if what I’m writing
is vague and confused.
When I get metaphysical
I ramble, and struggle to express my meaning.

Let’s see if I can explain what I mean.

Try to remember a line of lyrics,
a bar of music
from back when you were in school.
You can almost hear the tune
which is, at the same time,
just out of reach.

Do you remember
the cat which was there and not there,
at the same time, inside the box?
(Am I getting too pretentious here?)

Even scientists
don’t understand the math.

Still, if to look at a photograph
is to change what was,
maybe there is, somewhere,
another you,
in another world,
where you are happy.

Can you find
a little comfort in that?

In the Absence of a Higher Power

If it exists,
why is my searching
taking so long?
Why is higher
harder to find
than a lost memory,
and surely out of reach?

Consider a tree.
No? No.
The leaves are beautiful,
but they provide no rope
for a climber to grab.

It occurred to me
that there can be power
in contemplating
a higher self
than the one who exists today,
at the same time that you plod.
and journey to meet her,
or to find out if
she is still alive.

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