Tuesday 5 November 2013

2 Poems by Debi Swim


I used to be important.
But not in the wide big world,
Of business,
Of movies,
Of sports,
Of academia.

But in my small world
Of hearth and home.
I was a giant,
A titan,
A queen,

Now my world is smaller still.
Tiny kingdom, subjects three,
Of you, my love
A dog
And me.
Aimless retreat of waiting.

Music of the Universe

The summer evening surrounded me
Closed-in, seeped-in my skin
As I looked-in the blushing sky
Birds twittered-in the trees
From the thicket two crickets
Joined-in with violins, insects thrummed-in
Tree frogs broke-in, every now and then
As I lay breathing-in serenity

Then my hearing became acute
I was one big ear
The stars whirring-in harmony to
Planets humming-in time
To the moon strumming-in
Gentle guitar chord
But underneath and far away
The sun drummed-in a unifying bass
To the chicka, chicka of galaxies and space


Debi Swim resides in Princeton, WV with her husband of 35years, Kyle.  She dabbled in writing poetry when young but in the past year and a half has gotten serious about learning and honing the art. She is a member of the Appalachian Pen Writer's Group, participates in local poetry readings and recently had a poem "Miner's Wife" published in the annual "Bluestone Review" of Bluefield College, Bluefield, Va.


  1. I like "Worth," and can relate. But it's Music of the Universe that captures the magic.

  2. Thanks, Marie, for stopping by and checking this out.