Tuesday 5 November 2013

2 Poems by Lee J Mavin

Dry flaked and oily                                                                Fresh full of energy
Skin mask of foolery                                                             Hope chest an itch
Memory loosing manhood                                                     Of desire clean shave
Crooked hinges and teeth                     mirror                      Head strong screwed on
All hair in wrong places                                                         Smooth sailing dialing
Lost in my mind maze                                                            Behavior beats eyelashes
The cracks in the dark                                                           In patches centipede
Whisper to each other                                                           Disaster can opener
Drawing a mental image                                                        Of confidence  

The Second Coming

He wipes dollars signs from his eyes
And rinses his mouth out with savings
He puts on his suit of success
And smiles a white row of checks
This guy walks with his head up
Brushes his hair with credit cards
Lights up the night streets
With consumer miracles

He is the prophet of profit
When he works
It rains golden coins
The busiest of business men
The capital of his capital
Speaking to the world in all tongues
Exchanging dollars into all currencies

He rises and falls like an ocean of economies
And exhaling all debts.

He is the Mohamed of money
And the savior of all sellers
Yet he sleeps alone
On his pile of treasure


Lee J Mavin previously published a collection of poetry titled Reverse the universe: collected poems and unused lyrics in 2010 and also published a collection of short stories titled: The Students Sold Us Secrets Volume 1. He is busy at work on a series of novels that are also due out this year. He is currently teaching English in Shanghai, is happily married and is even busier looking after his baby daughter.

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