Tuesday 5 November 2013

2 Poems by Ben Adams

well priced

the moon pours out its light
like wine from a well-priced bottle

the world is intoxicating
when you give it the chance

not pristine, or laced
with hints of something else

but rich, earthy, drunken
full and bursting as syrah grapes

the spice-box of youth.
and as this light of shadows

this blood of poets
continues to flow

& overflow,

we drink it down simply

and want only for more
well-priced nights

like this one.

a clean, crisp winter

your absence
is an ache
that spreads through

that linger
like perfume.
memories of being

alive in the
about the world.

you wanted every part
of it.

warm cafes and
a feeling like the beauty
of a clean,
crisp winter.

a clear smooth accent
about the world.

you went back
to it.

a voice that spreads
like an ache


Ben Adams is a writer and political ranter currently studying for his PhD on the poetry of Charles Bukowski. He comes from Adelaide in South Australia, which Salman Rushdie once called a sleepy conservative town (of 1.2 million) and “ideal setting for a Stephen King novel, or horror film.” Ben takes this as a compliment, much preferring King’s work to that of Mr Rushdie. Ben has also worked as state ambassador for Express Media’s National Young Writers’ Month, a Buzzcuts arts reviewer and coordinator, and had several poems appear in the online small press. He proudly served among those last few video store clerks to hold their ground against the coming of Netflix. More at backpagesblog.wordpress.com

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