Tuesday 5 November 2013

2 Poems by Dennis Mahagin

Tiny Ode to a Premature Ventricle
-- after a line by W.C. Williams

I was born to be lonely:


pulse on

sun spot, far
flung: one split



Bay Window Update

Bunch of vibrant
anti-reticent black


hanging out

on Front Street
like they own it.
Oh, they know
every love story
and / or winning

lottery number,

I can't prove it

but I know it.

Been extrapolating phlegm
at this window since dawn.

Humans mostly bore them.
In a flap, they’re moving on.

Dennis Mahagin is the author of the poetry collection, "Grand Mal," published by Rebel Satori Press, and available on Amazon Dot Com: http://www.amazon.com/Grand-Mal-Dennis-Mahagin/dp/1608640515

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