Tuesday 5 November 2013

3 Poems by Daniel Gallik

What A Man Should Say

All the right colors,
that’s what she said
when she described
Miss Universe and
what she wore
that night she won.

I simply whispered,
she was from Cuba.
She said so what,
and disappeared
into her bedroom.
Came out wearing

a gown she had
purchased for prom.
I looked at her and
told her she looked
better than anyone
from Havana.

The Modern Wastes Of Time

I’ve seen.  Yes, I have.  Brillo
was closing in on a truth, and
yet, he did not know what the truth was.

Brasia was waiting for her
hair to be done at Ruth’s.
She did not know this about her husband.

She came home, asked him
if he was ready for lunch.
Brillo was pouting in their new bathroom.

In walks the morning news.
Also, the latest song on Itunes.
He quit looking in the mirror and smiled

and asked his wife if she knew
the neighbor lady’s child.
Brillo asked his wife if she was at peace.

Simple Story About Bad Men

He wound up his top
(it happened to be him)
and sped off to a city
he had never been.

Everyone, except
the News asked where
he was.  He never said
anything because

he never watched
the news.  A man
he got to know
finally asked him

where he was.  He
said, “I don’t know,
but I am happy.”
That man shut up.


The author has had poetry and short stories published by Hawaii Review, Parabola, Nimrod, Limestone (Univ. of Kentucky), The Hiram Poetry Review, Aura (Univ. of Alabama), and Whiskey Island (Cleveland State Univ).  He has placed writings in hundreds of online journals. One novel is available at amazon.com.  Its title is A Story Of Dumb Fate.  DanielGallik@windstream.net

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