Tuesday 5 November 2013



WARRANTY & AGREEMENT: By submitting to PP, the submitter warrants that s/he alone has created the work s/he is submitting and that s/he owns all rights to it. The submitter will indemnify and hold PP and its staff harmless from and against any and all loss, damage, costs and other expenses arising out of claims, whatever their nature, resulting directly or indirectly from breach of this warranty. At the same time, the submitter/contributor agrees that PP can use part or all of his/her accepted material, including responses to PP's interview questions, on its Facebook and/or other similar social networking vehicles for promotional purposes.

* All poetic and photographic works are carefully read/viewed year round on a rolling basis for PP's spring, summer, autumn or winter issue, to be released respectively on 5 May, August, November and February;

* No author information in your submission please, except your name, and email address (which we will include in your bionote upon acceptance/posting unless you tell us not to do so)  - we follow the blind submission policy, and will ask you for a brief 3rd-person bionote upon acceptance;

* Multiple and simultaneous submissions, as well as previously published work, are all equally welcome insofar as you still hold the copy/publishing rights;

* Although we wish to pay our poets and buy certain rights from them, there is no money exchange involved, at least not for now, except a genuine shared love for art and wisdom;

* Please send up to 5 of your best shorter poems each time by pasting them all within the body of your email, to editors.pp@gmail.com, or visual artworks as individually separate attachments. Before acceptence, we will NOT open any attachments/files for virus/spam-related concerns;

*  Please feel welcome to send us a query if, for instance, your accepted work does not appear as scheduled;

* All submitted poems or responses to interviews may be posted

* Our response-time is 30 days at latest, usually shorter than 2 weeks: since we never give anyone any 'rejection notice,' please feel free to do whatever you want to do with your submission if you do not get any response/acceptance from PP within 30 days after you send it over to us. In other words: only those accepted will get a reply. - Many thanks for your kind support of PP & Gooooodluuuuck!


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