Tuesday 5 November 2013

2 Poems by JAMeS LeO SHeRIDAN

My Past

my Past
hanging on the wall as portraits
canvas of cries I have screamed
turning on their nails
constantly crooked
imbedded in the halls
of my hurting
such     is this time

extended my hands
turn to each to comfort
they in their aisles of aging
crumbling away in this darkness
now dust
their thoughts filling my ears
with their voices
I cry to each aloud

‘There is not enough time
for each of your tears
I am sorry’

I have died enough lives in your presence

in your house
the light does not enter
the doors are locked
and the keys
are crucified to catacombs unreachable
and from such depths
with what could I bring them graveside

and without these keys
the lock of letting go
laughs   at my useless futile attempts

amongst his echoes I then walk
towards the halls of humiliation
and as I pass
each portrait turns
on its rusted nail
towards the wall
refusing to look at me

and all I’ve failed

My Sadness Seeps

my sadness seeps from the ceiling
ravaging the walls with its consistent complexity
weighing them down with determined desire and lost longings

the rain of your departure has saturated all I own
with its rancid smell of the disregarded
soaking in the forgotten sweaters of you
I cling to the wet articles of clothing
through the cold I shiver
searching for you


Traveling poet and carpenter, JAMeS LeO SHeRIDAN, originally from the Chicagoland area, is currently residing in Florida and writing his memoir.

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