Tuesday 5 November 2013

PP: Editor's Notes/Pushcart Nominations

The following is the official list of Poetry Pacific's nominations for the Pushcart Prize for our publication year of 2013::

1. Robert Sheppard: Moby Dick
2. Koon Woon: A Season in Hell
3. Niall O'Connor: House
4. Stephen Page: Transformations
5. Diablo: The Doomsday
6. Allen Qing Yuan: China Charm: For Yuan Lai

Beginning in every October, we feature the nominated poems/poets individually on our facebook for our readers, friends, and/or associates.

This is how we nominate our poets for the Pushcart Prize::

1. Time: Mid-October every year;
2. Candidates: All the poets/poems and/or other literary materials featured in Poetry Pacific during its publication year (which started in October of the previous calendar year);
3. Process: As a rule or in principle, we select one most page-viewed piece from each issue, and the remaining two in terms of editors' preferences and the number of pageviews. Apparently, the first 4 choices are highly democratic, since they are actually made by our readers; the other 2 are less 'politically correct' as they are more subjective.


In August, we upgraded PP to a publishing house temporarily called Poetry Pacific Press. Before we launch our press's own website (hopefully on the Remembrance Day of 2013), we would like to make the following announcements::

1. In August, we published Allen Qing Yuan's short collection titled Traffic Light as our very first trial-operation, which is available at http://www.lulu.com/shop/allen-qing-yuan/traffic-light/paperback/product-21138162.html;

2. With our Chinese partner, we published in September a bilingual (English and Chinese) reader titled 300 New Chinese Poems (1917-2012), a collection of 'best' contemporary Chinese poetry, which includes hundreds of Chinese poets who have receive or deserve to receive much critical/readerly attention for the past 100 years or so;

3. We plan to publish a yearly anthology in print next year, including the 'best' and most popular poems featured in our e.journal since it was launched on the Remembrance day of 2012;

4. We hope to find a volunteer web-master/designer or intern to help develop the website of our e.journal Poetry Pacific, and welcome anyone interested in the position to contact us at editors.pp@gmail.com or yuans@shaw.ca.

Beginning from now, we are to feature the best poems available to us that have been translated into English. In this issue, we have a special section devoted to a group of Chinese poems presented in both the Chinese and English versions. By doing so, we hope to promote poetic/cultural exchange between English and Chinese, the two most widely used languages in today's world.

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