Wednesday 5 November 2014

1 Poem by Michael D. Amitin

boatman’s elegy

her hand cold with the death of romance
obligatory touch
we watched it erode like a mountain chipped away by cheap winds
irretrievably sad
but still the flowers roll out, the cards keep coming
the quick peck kisses and morning goodbyes
the syringe shooting shared history into nostalgic veins

dark radio rains throw branches against our chopin windowpanes

forever stuck in this merry mad dog affair
nightfall- sleep cascades death valley summer selling brooklyn bridge coffins that could fill mystery oceans in the space that lay between us
in this long forgotten sunken ship bed

so forget that fake candelight dinner
that wasted lingerie
we’re old war buddies now
likely bound to stay that way


Michael D. Amitin, a poet, journalist and musician originally from Southern California now living in Paris France, has had features published in New Times L.A., Clamor, Discoveries, Dirty Linen and Relix Magazine and served as a Contributing Writer with the Pasadena Weekly. His poems have appeared in Black Magnolias, Bewildering Stories, IndigoRising Magazine and Snow Monkey. Amitin’s songs have been coved by David Ruffin (The Temptations), Natalie Cole, Johnny Rodriguez, he’s co-written and played on the album “First Fire” released on RCA Records, and self-produced the album’s “ Seaspiders” and “Jemima Puddleduck.”

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