Wednesday 5 November 2014

2 Poems by Carol A. Castagna


Fragile, sweet daughter, mine,
Life has its way with us ~ and
Bending to its music, we rise
and take a place in its symphony hall
to blend with harps and flutes
to play a lush tomorrow,
a royal song
from our joys and mourning combined

A water-colored rhapsody on canvas new ~
Bright and Blessed


I never bargained for Old Age.  Wrinkles –
Droopy jowls
Blurred vision and the like
But here it is
Falling boldly upon my face
Stamping its name, coldly - then
Smirking - laughing
Crotchety?   Forgetful?   Hard of hearing?
"Eh!  What did you say, Sonny?"
I never bargained for Old Age.  Slipping in insidiously
I never said O.K. to this deal          

We never shook hands over it and agreed - No
It just stomped in boldly and coldly
Took hold and...Wiped out the YOUNG DAYS

As though it had the right - I never said it did, but, here it is
And now?
I have to cope with though Life's Struggle were not enough
To mold - and - to refine

I find I find this Unwelcomed Guest
at the door of my days
Racing around my bend
Greeting me with its own Inimitable Stance.
Just there...

Dare I befriend this Stranger?
Dare I not?
To fight this inevitable caller will drain me of whatever energy remains.
Perhaps, then, I'll embrace Old Age, this unfamiliar cloak of time,
Life's Dome,

And sing old age a lullaby


Carol A. Castagna is a Christian, a wife, a mother, a grandmother and great-grandmother; a poetess, a retired Psychiatric Nurse Clinician, author, composer and pianist.  Published and recognized by the Library of Congress in FIELDS of GOLD for her poem, 'Run For Your Life' and in the Amherst Society's AMERICAN POETRY ANNUAL 1996 for her poems, 'Quiet Joy' and 'Life is God', her writings have been displayed as a result of a juried contest in the 1999 and 2000 KOMEN CT. ART for the CURE at the NEW BRITAIN MUSEUM of AMERICAN ART.....She is listed in Who's Who in American Nursing and has been published in ‘NURSING SPECTRUM’ and the ‘CONNECTICUT NURSING NEWS.’  She is married to Rev. Vincent Castagna:  they have four children and ten grandchildren.  In 2013, they became great-grandparents to two beautiful babies, Max and Scarlett.

Professionally, Carol is a retired Psychiatric Nurse Clinician who has held positions as:   Head Nurse at the Housatonic Adolescent Hospital in Newtown, Ct., Supervisor at the DuBois Crisis Intervention Center in Stamford, Ct., and Director of Nursing Services at the Psychiatric and Dementia Assisted Living Facility, also in Ct.   She is an R.N. with a B.S. in Social Work and graduate studies in Art Therapy at Albertus Magnus College.   Carol is currently the pianist for her church as well as a piano teacher to children in her community. She has been the pianist for various Hospitals, Hospice Centers, Assisted Living Facilities, and Nursing Homes as well as Churches for many years and continues to do so.   She writes a weekly Christian blog:, which includes devotions, poems and prayers and is continuing to write non-fiction essays and poetry.   She has recently completed A Kiss From God ~ Little Book of Prayers and Poetry, which includes her C.D. of original melodies and lyrics and JOY PSALMS!, a 60 Day Devotional for Women.     Recently, her works have been accepted for the autumn and winter editions of ‘POETRY PACIFIC’ an ezine publication and for the Thanksgiving edition of PENNED FROM THE HEART.  C. C.  Psalm 19: 4.

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