Wednesday 5 November 2014

1 Poem by Sam Rapth

The Passing Cloud - Poetry

For a fractional moment,
I envied on the passing cloud
and its exceptionally successful
and long-lasting passport and visa...

The technique that it hides
about its virtual boundaries
would be most wanted cross-border strategy
for countries today...

Wondering how it carries
those gallons of water
across continents...

The humble white
hanky of mother earth
always falls down
on my feet
only to resurrect later...


I am Sam Rapth working as a software architect from India. My Poems & Prose have so far been featured at The Tongue Magazine (UK),The Static Movement Magazine (UK),The Inclement Poetry Magazine (UK),The Taj Mahal Review (India),The Yellow Mama Magazine (US),The International who's who (US),The Recusant Magazine (UK),The Ascent Aspirations Magazine (US) and The Mad Swirl Magazine (US).

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