Wednesday 5 November 2014

2 Poems by Patrick Theron Erickson

Sometimes a man meets his destiny
on the path he takes to avoid it

the path of least resistance

It is revealed to him
at the crossroads

It is the path least taken
and he revels in it

Sometimes a man meets himself
going and coming

And it is a detour
not just the fork in the road

And he's crossed the Rubicon
before he knows it

and no man's land

He meets himself
coming and going

No more detours!

With a hungry heart

and a heavy palate
I keep my feathers preened

A bird of paradise
in my pocket

a lovebird
my ticket out of here
my one-way ticket home

With a heavy heart
and a hungry palate
and roving minutes

you'll never roam alone!


With this submission Patrick's avocation goes without saying. As for vocation, he is a parish pastor, a shepherd of sheep, a small flock with no sheep dog and no hang-dog expression.  Or he is the sheep dog, a small dog, with the hang-dog expression. Secretariat is his mentor, though he has never been an over-achiever and has never gained on the competition.  He resonates to a friend's definition of change:  change coming at us a lot faster because you can punch a whole lot more, a whole lot faster down digital broadband "glass" fiber than an old copper co-axial landline cable.

P.S. Of late Patrick's work has appeared or is forthcoming in Assisi; Calliope Poets; A Clean, Well-Lighted Place; Poetry Super Highway; Wilderness House Literary Review; Prairie Wolf Press Review; Poetry Quarterly; Breakwater Review; Cobalt Review.

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