Wednesday 5 November 2014

5 Poems by Paul Lobo Portugés

                        married 50 years
                        he reads

                        her the NY Times'

                        while she
                        makes green tea


                        the ragtag
                        family sleeps

                        on subway
                        grates lulled

                        by warm
                        moving trains


                                    why bother

                                    her home
                                    grown flowers
                                    she never


                        his father
                        beat him

                        black and blue
                        her husband her

                        their son    
                        his son          
                        warmed by late
                        winter’s sun

                        she waits
                        for the casino bus

                        reading a romance


Paul Lobo Portugés--reared in Merkel, West Texas, until saved by UCLA, the American Film Institute, and UC Berkeley.  Teaches creative writing at UCSB. Taught creative writing at UC Berkeley, USC, SBCC, and the University of Provence.  Proud father of two sons.  Books include The Visionary Poetics of Allen Ginsberg, Saving Grace, Hands Across the Earth, The Flower Vendor, Paper Song, Aztec Birth, The Body Electric Journal, The Silent Spring of Rachel Carson, Ginsberg:  On Tibetan Buddhism, Mantras, and Drugs (Word Palace Press, 2013), Breaking Bread (Finishing Line Press, 2013), and Mao--1,000 Poems for Revolution (forthcoming).  Poems are scattered in small magazines across the Americas, Europe, and Asia .  Wrote a few films including Jack and Marilyn. Behind the Veil, Shakespeare's Last Bed, Fire From the Mountain, et al. Poetry videos include To My Beloved, Kiss, The Lonely Wind, Lovers, Of Her I Sing, Fathermine, Stones from Heaven, The Killing Fields of Darfur, Who on Earth, et al. Received awards from the National Endowment, the Ford Foundation, the Fulbright Commission,  The Rockefeller/Bellagio Foundation, et al.

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