Wednesday 5 November 2014

3 Poems by Carolyn Mary Kleefeld

The Wilds of Ithaca
(for Patricia)

A wild wind
races across the sea
like a cosmic conductor
orchestrating the tides
to rhapsodic lace.

We gaze in a trance
from our perch
at this tidal fugue
of white manes cresting
while coveys of gulls,
like musical notes,
drift on kelp beds
in the calm beyond.

And the cobalt sea glistens
from its wind-borne sheen
as it sweeps the rolling surf.

 I Become A Womb

The dark impregnates dusk
with ancient wisdom.

I become a womb              
in which the night may thrive,
impart her secrets,
inseminate with seeds of insight.

Shadows emanating
from the ebony air,
struggle to breathe,
uttering a language
yet to be spoken.

I must become
more silent to hear.

A Gull’s Song

Gazing upon
the lost bay of Atlantis
gilded with mist,
drifting and diaphanous,
I fill with rapture.

Robed in the silhouette
of a weeping darkness,
I bow in homage              
to this sacred beauty.

A gold moon rises now
from behind the black mountain,
casting an illumined path
directly to my heart.

And like a gull’s song
sweeping the night,
my spirit soars.


Born in England, poet, prose-writer, and visual artist Carolyn Mary Kleefeld grew up in Southern California and studied art and psychology at UCLA. The author of eleven books, she currently resides, studies, writes, and paints in Big Sur, California. Her writing has been translated into Romanian, Korean, Arabic, Bulgarian, and Braille and has been required reading at universities internationally. Carolyn’s art appears worldwide in galleries, museums, and private collections.

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