Wednesday 5 November 2014

3 Poems by Matt Margo


cozy darfur yawns
with ghana like

a vendetta stood by me
like from a plane film

like a boater

for you to have maybe anymore
you’ve got no morning like

can we maybe
like my me party?

the line time watching
like may been have done good in time

posit itches from flight
its stand not drawn less we like

watching films and worry yawns
like a spent swimmer

china anymore…
like morning heartbreaks strayed


this big ol’ baby bastard
been today a daily rebel
the rebel of all rainbows
withal pregnant with all
of their theres and thens
and whens and watches

the watchdog whimpering
as it is at the shop window
will not so-on nor so-forth
holding out for what ought
to go about the roundabout
so-and-so or such-and-such

the intentions aside or else otherwise
the dirtiness and distance between us
where what is done does have its day
and every watchdog downs its dawn
barking bold and blessed by beamer
for the dog be god and god be gotten


a sheet of point-blank paper grazes
the edgeless combustion engine
fueling this merry-go-sorry carousel
with its moribund horses many-where

sweetmeat shoplifters bark at the motion
while one gat-toothed butcher suckles up
the remains of the she-wolf’s small intestine
slithering so slippery in all its eelhood

and an oyster packed with porcelain pearls
bar-brawls with her craftless crimson shadow
every one of its snide sniggers amplified
by the audacity of the talkboy’s playback


Matt Margo is the author of the book-length poem When Empurpled: An Elegy (Pteron Press, 2013) and the poetry collection Child of Tree (white sky ebooks, 2012), among other works. He edits the literary blog experiential-experimental- literature and the online poetry magazine Zoomoozophone Review . A full catalog of his publications can be found at . 

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