Wednesday 5 November 2014

Editorial Notes

dear PP Friends,

we hope this finds you all well and happy! - just to release this autumn issue, changming returned to vancouver yesterday from his sojourn at his native home in china, where he was hospitalized for a week and could not even do any googling, let alone maintaining blogsites.

the most important announcement to make here is that we have nominated 6 poets for the pushcart prize for the year of 2014 - see our nomination page for more details. The nominating process is very simple: while the poets have been the most page-viewed respectively for each issue released over the past publication year, the poems are selected because they are found to be the poets' better shorter pieces, with the only exception of one written response to our interview questions. based on the reader's choices as well as our understanding of what the 'better' poetry is even if there is no 'best,' we believe this process is fair and well-grounded. 

in this issue, we are honoured to feature 2 visual artists and 58 poetry writers.

thank you again for your continuing interest, and enjoy reading!

-PP editorial team