Wednesday 5 November 2014

1 Poem by Ozimede Sunny Ekhalume


So daring!
The grazing goat by the graveyard
He tramples and rolls on heads of Kings
He dines with angels of death
And sleeps with dead men and their secrets
He threads where the bravest of men dread
He eats the heart of the rich for breakfast
And the brain of the scholar for dinner
He dices the kidney of the butcher for snacks
He litters the breasts of the beauty queen with droppings
He urinates on the pubic hair of the prince
He eats off the tongue they used to curse
And the heart they used to conceive evil
Their pain and gain
Their health and wealth
Their poverty and property
Their joy and toil
Are no more of any consequence
He survived their knives
And now he must avenge the blood of his kinsmen
The things we eat will surely eat us


Ozimede Sunny Ekhalume is a registered phamacist. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria where he works as a sales and marketing professional. He writes poetry and short stories as a hobby. His first published work is due for release in 2014 by Aalvent Media, Maryland, USA.

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