Wednesday 5 November 2014

3 Poems by Jeremiah Walton

Songs of Human

The Poet caught
Apollo inside
and vice versa.

The bed broke.


When people no longer
crave poltergeists,
exercise their

revolution will come.

Social conventions
are not natural

they are acquired laws,
ready and waiting
to exit cocoon.

The Moon & The Sun

You wouldn't be so cocky
if you knew what the moon and I
have going on

Her light hits a bottle

Your shadow
allows us to fuck
like jack rabbits jumping under diesel trucks.

Can you see shotgun in our relationship?
It's hidden where no light
will ever touch.

You're just another star,
but the moon
is aftermath of a massive asteroid
smashing Earth
a new bruise,

and she stuck around after
to observe the healing.

You are screwing 9
different planets right now,
you whore.
Well, 8,
I forgot you dumped Pluto.

The Moon and I first kissed in a stranger's car I broke into

My first time skinny dipping was with her and Merrimack River.

She never said she loved me,
and I only told her in poems she never read.

Our actions were more valued
than we could have said.

stop soliciting me.

I see your opportunity,
I see eyes you illuminate
You bring others joy,
a tempting beckoning,
but Moon is the only mistress
I allow to white crab dance my blood
and fry brain cells
like birds caught
on faulty wiring.

Smell their black flesh in damp grass of twilight
and whistle a tune
for me and the moon.

I am telling you, Sun,
you are beautiful
beautiful like taking first breath
after a deep 100 years dive
in black water.

The moon is beautiful
like cuckoos smoking blunts.


Jeremiah Walton graduated High School the spring of 2013, and hit the road hitchhiking the following fall. Jeremiah is founder of Nostrovia! Poetry, an indepednent publisher, and Books & Shovels, a cross country mobile bookstore focusing on poetry and creative arts.  He is author of Gatsby's Abandoned Children, Witch-hunting Gatsby's Children, and Sadness Does Not Require An Ambulance.

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