Wednesday 5 November 2014

5 Poems by Dean Baltesson

Duet For Piano And Evergreen 

How much has the sky yielded
to these tremendous forests
as they learned to grow.
How much sun has reached
the porous roots
to warm the wood, turn the sap,
and what weather frost and fire
will sing with string and hammer
in the hidden heritage of the soundboard.

Ethereal Lament 

If I remembered your touch.
where we met,
how we died,
would you retreat
with me in mortal embrace?

And what if your voice
met music again,
with the moonlight
at my sleeping ears.
Could I invite reasons,
as you invented rain,
so we might again
enjoy the pleasure of shelter.

A Particular Wind 

I know the wind
that traces the figure
of early mornings,
the contours
of a somber map,

wind that is awake,
unknown to dreamers
or those who
sleep well,

a wind subtle
as the insistent movement
of a fragile thing
in a subtle wind,

a wind subtle
as shadows of branches
touching her adobe,
subtle as the discreet
light of the clay,

subtle as my
soundless footsteps.


In the heat of the tropics
a man will do what he must to survive.
If you observe closely,
you will witness the beleaguered male
actually using the coldness of his
wife to try to beat the heat,
cooling himself with her disapproval.

Duet For Violin And Precipitation 

The courage
of the violin
a crescendo
of peaks
and drops
in high cold cascades
of sound,
collides with
a garden of thunder
and falls,
with soft,
humid notes
onto lenient slopes,


Dean Baltesson lives in Victoria BC, Canada, where he composes music and poetry. He has published poems in local journals such as “Island Writer” and “Blue Buffalo”, and in a variety of online publications. Please visit for more.

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