Thursday 5 February 2015

1 Poem by Darryl Price

I Want to Sing To You

without looking at the words. I want to draw a picture of you
without setting my hat on fire. I want to swing you around in an open field
without thinking something's bound to go wrong. I want to touch your hands
without resorting to an old map found buried in a book on fairies.

To run with you in the downpour without looking for a fast easy
way in. Want to remember your face because it's resting in my fingers like a cherry
pit. I want to sit with you in front of the ocean without
planning to take one shell. I want to find you in a garden

without thinking I should remove my shoes first and put them under a  
rose bush for safe keeping. I want to give you that dance without dropping all blanks
in the chamber for good luck. I want to embrace your name without
jumping into an unmade ditch of spears head first. Want to drink your  

trance without going home and putting myself to bed afterwards. I want to
play my guitar like a wounded warrior without having to explain the nature of all scars.
I want to leave my most careless poems on your doorstep without having
to fold up all the moonbeams into neat little rows before I go.dp


Darryl Price has published dozens of chapbooks, and his poems have appeared in many journals. 2011/08/22/monday-chat-with- darryl-price/ 
http://fuddyduddyfan. darryl-price-a-poet/ 
Holding Your Light by Darryl Price(Pudding House)ISBN:1-58998-262-2 

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