Thursday 5 February 2015

2 Poems by Steve Myers

Love Lyric
(for Karen)

I tried to write a poem on love
And you came in and kissed my cheek.
I tried to write a song on love
And you just made potato soup.
I tried to write a tale of love
And you just baked an apple pie.
I surrender to your poem,
Your song, your tale, my love.

Hunting a Dead Poet

I went to Garrettsville, Ohio
To hunt Hart Crane
But only found the ghost
Of a father,
A candy man wandering
Old Nelson Ledges,
His pockets full of Life Savers,
None big enough or quick enough
For Hart.

I went to the end of the Brooklyn Bridge
Where it dumps into Manhattan,
But the trace of his shadow
Was too long lost to sea.

I went down to the Keys to listen
For last words whispering from the Gulf
Or hummed from the Caribbean,
But only heard waves scribbling
On stone, on sand,
In a hand I couldn’t read.


I've had stories & memoir published in several magazines (on line & print). Two novels -- NOWHERE, NOWHEN & GARDEN OF THE FALLING MOON -- were published in 2013. Three more novels will be out by fall of 2014. After many years I've rediscovered poetry & am trying to catch the music in everyday language.

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