Thursday 5 February 2015

Editorial Notes

hello dear PP Friends,

just one important thing to note here:

beginning from our upcoming spring issue in 2015, we will change our journal from a quarterly publication to a biannual one; that is, after the spring issue, we will have an autumn issue only for the rest of every year. the launch dates for the two issues remain the same, one at 5 may; the other 5 november. the main reason is very simple - we have been running short of manpower: while allen is too busy with his school work at ubc and other pursuits to devote as much time as he wishes, changming has a deteriorating health which forces him to minimize his computer time. however, we will try to publish more poets in each issue than before.

in this issue, we are honoured to feature 2 visual artists and 54 poetry writers.

many thanks for your continuing interest, and happy reading!

with all very best from vancouver for a great new year of the goat,

-PP editorial team

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