Thursday 5 February 2015

2 Poems by Lucas Owen

Consumed - of the Earth

I walked into the dead dull night looking for salvation -
groping blind and aimlessly melting glacial waterfalls;
set on scores for the seasonal growth.

dawned before time I walked into the dead dull night,
hunting spear in hand as if I had the world to fight for.
I crinkled my nose restlessly and tore at my skin for escape -
itching of insects of the mind.

for the stars I walked, to be my own
nestled beneath the cool gray sky -
aware of the vast and microcosm.

into the dead dull night I walked -
satiated on trees, rivers, mountains,
young and wilting only in the desert.
I knew a ground meant to swim on,
dry as all hell.

into the dead dull night I walked,
stomping on the ground, spitting anger madly from a mouth dry of bitter tastes.

I just wanted to live
like there was nothing else to do -
trotting ‘round the corner store
growling for territory
among the soul.

assuming and sweating earth, I walked -
round and spinning around the sun - ever falling,
careless, silently loving and apparently heartless
and deep inside - furious.
I am you

born of fiery beginnings,
and I will fall
the sun.

I Am Another

I am another who
respired the human experience –
sewed buttons to the dark walls of infinity
in search of texture,
and tore the shine of starlight
for sanctum in my soul –
no more than hope-tethered dreams
anchored by the tin-boned, two-toned will of man.
I untied the knots of my shoes –
click clack and swinging boneless limbs
fevered by stagnant air –
to lapse my jaw out of stress relief turned
habitual mechanical harvesting of skin and salt.
I am another who
just wanted to feel raw.


Lucas Owen is 18 and lives in Seattle, Washington. He currently attends the University of Washington with intent to earn a Bachelors of Science in Physics. He is greatly intrigued not only by science, but the spirituality made available through science and knowledge of the metaphysical processes of the natural and social world.

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