Thursday 5 February 2015

2 Poems by Sushant Supriye

(Hindi Poems translated by the poet सुशांत सुप्रिय)

Thus Spoke the Father
When I will no longer be there
I will still be there--
thus spoke the father

I will be alive in the
writings of my eldest son

I will peep out of the
paintings of my youngest daughter

I will breathe in the
self-respect of my second son

I will survive in the
steely resolve of my third son

Just as my father lives in me
and my children will live in their children
so will I be saved
in all of you
o my children--
said our father to us.
                                        ( Kaha  Pitaji ne )

Someone Else
I wake up
one morning
and find out
I have turned
a stranger to myself
from every angle

My eyes seem
so unknown to me

My smile seems
someone else's

My hair has turned

On my palms are etched
someone else's fate-lines

Psychologists say
It happens sometimes

That we go on living
someone else's life

That someone else
goes on living within us.

                 (  koi aur )


Born on 28.03.1968 .  Had his school education from St. Francis school, Amritsar( Punjab) and graduation from D.A.V. College, Amritsar .Topped in G.N.D. University , Amritsar, in Pre-University, B.A. ( English) Honours, and M.A.( English ) . Also topped in University of Delhi in M.A. ( Linguistics ) . Was lecturer in English for a few years in D.A.V. College, Jalandhar. Sushant's short-stories and poems have been published in several literary magazines and national newspapers in English. He has to his credit a poetry-anthology titled " In Gandhi's Country " . His short story collection in English titled " The  Fifth Direction" is in press. Sushant is also an acclaimed writer and poet in Hindi . Has to his credit two short-story collections in Hindi titled ' Hatyare ' ( 2010) and ' He Ram ' ( 2012 ) ,  and one poetry-collection in Hindi titled ' Ek Boond Yah Bhi " ( 2014 ) .  Sushant presently works as a senior officer in a Government organisation. He lives with his wife Dr. Leena and two children Vinaayak and Aanya in Delhi ( India ) .

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