Thursday 5 February 2015

3 Poems by Atri Majumder


A thought immersed in a fragile solitude,
Like a liberty that empties itself-
Before being seized.

A vision condemned to be the seeds of reality
Like a chiaroscuro losing-
Its balance in the light.


The suspended bridge is crumbling down
 With the weight of curiosity,
We can’t see the horizon anymore-
We are walking on it.

Water drops clinging to the windowsill
Like perfidious magnets,
We have stopped running
Though we haven’t arrived.


The silent murmur of the night,
A half-burnt cigarette,
Windows open but nothing stirs.

The flickering streetlight in the distance,
Curious glimpses of the house behind.

Empty thoughts start crowding,
As the blank moon fills the eyes.


Atri Majumder (born 1993) resides at Kolkata, India. He is currently pursuing his undergraduate degree in English Literature from Calcutta University.He has two published anthologies-Shadow of Light(2012) and Visible Infinity(2014).

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