Thursday 5 February 2015

2 Poems by Joseph Harms


To hear their webs asilver rote; achrome
proscenium neath wayward oaks’ clockdrip
of ossicles and moths; demised the riv-
er’s chthonic charnel’s restive churn; distrait
there retrogrades a cloud as chevron stars
eclipse, perfervid mantic honks; dehisced
dehisced and happier, there’s probity
alone; alone this life can slow; inoc-
ulum; ingress seropurulent; flume
a lee how quakes one tree among the sighs;
motile in chair comforterwrapped behind
the shed in which she camps; a rock in twelve
neath chlorite flux irradiates as sows
selenian through limbs pianoplay.


Not body, guts but kluge her Civic’s ev- 
itable ruin: declensed cession of gall- 
ipots’ housecalls; the coming febrifuge 
of chaffwed opioids the sun’s confit 
beyond the calvary of boughs where far- 
row clouds but not the sun; distal down Frear 
to hit fore close the liquorstore by Lit- 
tle Caesars men their broome would retrocede 
to offer Bel a ride, usurp usurp 
adducted arms neath flannelled breasts. As vir- 
ga’s darkle imprecates from fulgent brood 
so forwards Bel in equipoise upon 
ukase. Her maculate crooks. Its derac- 
inate semblance dayin depose each tree. 


Joseph Harms’ fiction and poetry have appeared in Boulevard , The Alaskan Quarterly Review, IthacaLit, Out of Our, Poydras Review , Red Ochre Press, Lines+Stars, Bad Idea, SPECS, Mad Hatters’ Review, The American Dissident, and, among others, Niche. He is currently seeking a publisher for his sonnet series Bel , as well as seeking representation and/or a publisher for his novels Cant and Baal

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