Thursday 5 February 2015

1 Poem by Susan Dale

From Me To Me: Remember 

Remember, standing there, alone in the Park
Swings, slide, baseball field
The winds so wild
You could have taken flight
But your feet were anchored to the ground
Because you knew
You felt lesser than___
Or no longer a part of___

Spring, you remember
When the season was
Pokey nests and
     birds bustling on budding trees

Where to place yourself after___

You felt hemmed in by your sorrow
Walls too many
Too high
Or the no walls
Of an absence of boundaries

Faltering, stumbling
Too numb to think
To figure out where you were going
Now or then, and forever after
Following the footsteps of a
vague go-along pattern


Susan’s poems and fiction are on Hurricane Press, Ken *Again, Penman Review, Inner Art Journal, Feathered Flounder, Garbanzo, and Linden Avenue. In 2007, she won the grand prize for poetry from Oneswan.

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