Thursday 5 February 2015

4 Poems by Caseyrenee Lopez

for grandpa 

time and space have separated us,
you’re gone from me now, taking with you
the last lingering note of her too.

but it wasn’t our fault.
our time was stolen,
taken away, but for good now.

i won’t be seeing you in the future.
we made promises we couldn’t keep, but
i will carry you forever in the depths of my heart.

the two of us, together, will be remembered:
you sat me on your lap when i was just a babe and
you let me drive the car and i took us very far.

i remember all the candy i ate, and you laughed
at my sweet tooth: old habits die hard i guess.
your cowboy boots were a defining feature,

something i will always remember.
i had hoped to tell you about my accomplishment,
my college graduation,

but just like her, you slept too long: you
missed the date i have waited on.
i will continue to carry you both in me.

she went first, and you waited your turn.
now maybe you can be together,
i can’t say when, or how, or why,

i just know that she is waiting to greet you so.

City Chickens 

I spied a couple of chickens yesterday,
City dwelling chickens.
The rooster’s crown was high and red.
The hen, whose brown and green feathers
Shimmered in the sun, pecked the ground for grubs.
The gravel underfoot seemed out of place.
The ranch-style home behind the fowl, ideal.
McNuggets at the corner of Manchester and Hamilton.


An unfortunate consequence
Of revelations, of the truth.
Blown open so the wound gushes;

That was enough to let him live.
Asphyxiated, though not dead.
Trolls torment those unprovoked.
When will justice come?


Girls do it,
Maybe every day,
Even though
Everyone says no.


Caseyrenee Lopez is a writer and editor of Crab Fat Literary Magazine. She has been published in Reflections Journal and Pegasus Literary Journal . She lives in Columbus, Georgia, USA with her spouse and 6 fur-babies.

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