Thursday 5 February 2015

2 Poems by Rebecca Kylie Law

Pink Sky In The Morning 

Late afternoon, a lone seagull
staring out to sea, the wind
lifting the back feathers of its crown.

At dusk, a tall candlestick
and a paragraph of reading:

On farmers securing their animals
with swinging lanterns, for the night.

Sometime After Twelve 

The ocean is mid-way
between high and low
tides, a surfer
upright on his board
with a long paddle
travels side-ways
against the currents,

rising when the waves rise,
falling when they collapse.

Staring and staring
from my seat on the rocks
of a cliff I could mistake
happiness for everything
the man owns, his
board, paddle, humour;

and today, amidst swimmers,

this body of water, yielding
to the superb example.


Rebecca Kylie Law is a Sydney based poet, essayist and reviewer. Published by Picaro Press, her poetry collections include "Offset", "Lilies and Stars" and "The Arrow & The Lyre" . Other publications include thewonderbook of poetry, Notes for The Translators, Poems for the Young Chinese Adult, Best Poem Journal, Virgogray Press, Australian Love Poems 2013, Southerly, Westerly, The Australian, The Euroscientist Ezine and The Lake. She holds a Masters Degree in Poetry from Melbourne University.

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