Wednesday 20 April 2016

1 Poem by Anthony Kuiper

Between us in place of a candlestick. 

Between us
It sits
in place of a candlestick.
The Thing catches light and eyes.
Yours are on it, I’m afraid.
Practically in it. 

Your mouth glistens.
Your eyes waver on it, candle-like, as to a glass.
I wish it was a mirror and you could see
how stupid you look
with your one thought
painting your face with one thing.
It’s like your dick is showing. 

If you saw yourself in it, sore thumb –
And I really can’t tell… would you
want it more ?
Or would it repel you? 

You’re drooling again. 

It’s worth more than fine china.
You’re drooling.
You’re not worth it.
It’s too good for you – perhaps that’s why you want it.
It stares your way, smooth as porcelain.
Soft as cake at you 

Does it speak to you?
Do you want to cry or make it

You should leave it.
No it doesn’t have an owner.
No it’s not up for grabs.
In case you’ve forgotten
It can blink and it can whistle. 


Anthony Kuiper is a Melbourne-based poet and writer. He is the Deputy Editor of poetry for the online magazine Phantasmagoria

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