Wednesday 20 April 2016

2 Poems by David Francis

The Early Morning Guard’s Song 

The steam is gone
it has served its purpose
the train is gone
either disembarking or boarding
the cows have been
cleared off the track
and led back to the
the sheep back
to the pasture
steam by its nature
is transient
I am resigned to that
but even the pollution
of exhaust is welcome
when it’s freezing
however I am too far
from the curb
and must protect the
Platonic form of
a fort 

A House Someday 

I promised you a house
which became a houseboat
and floated away 

in my mind I promised
an old stone house
by the sea 

one that would not tumble
like wildflowers
from the hill 

one that would not
be a beach house
and subside or surf 

but outside the mind
neither promises
nor objects survive 

unmoved by argument
it tumbled down the hill
and floated away 

the house made of stone
by the sea 


David Francis has produced five albums of songs, one of poems, and "Always/Far," a chapbook of lyrics and drawings. He directed and produced the films "Village Folksinger," "Projection," and the music video "Commercial for Cassette." His poems and stories have appeared in a number of journals. 

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