Wednesday 20 April 2016

1 Poem by michael e. stone

music of words,
chiming, rhyming,
echoes of pregnant phrases
singing straight into the heart. 

music of stars in their courses,
music of spheres in their turning
notes, single, purely sounding,
chords flowing and resounding. 

ice crackling, snow hushing,
rain drumming, leaves rustling,
the song of a wineglass strumming,
the booming bass of a diggery-do, 

the song of the sea in a shell,
cockles and mussels all the day through.


He lives in Jerusalem and is now retired He has published poems in numerous literary journals and anthologies; and also translations of medieval Armenian poetry. He translated the medieval Armenian epic about Adam and Eve (OUP) into English. A book of his work, Selected Poems, was published in 2010. Stone's academic activities have embraced two disciplines, Ancient Judaism and Armenian Studies.. He holds an Honourary DHL (Hebrew Union College), Honourary Doctor (Armenian National Academy of Sciences). He received the Landau Prize for Contribution to the Humanities. Poet of the Month for June 2014 Bareback Magazine.

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