Wednesday 20 April 2016

1 Poem by Samuel Amazing Ayoade


You are white, so you ride on white horses,
But I am black, so, I am entitled to trek only on black soles.
But be reminded
That your white horse has got not soul
But my own justice-denied black sole has got living soul.
So, you risk your life and soul on the sole of a soul-less horse
While I live on my discredited black soles which have got living soul.
Call me justice, for that's who I am
To bring equity, between horses and soles.
Remember and be informed also
That this ember called racism
Shall soon eat up your members,
For your white horses also have black hoofs,
Yes, black soles,
And black eye pupil.
I was told your blood too is not white,
Neither that of your horse.
And I also have a red blood
That heats your winter's cold.
Your horse is an hoax
And my sole is my soul.
Call me justice, for that's who I am
To bring equity between horses and soles. 


Samuel Amazing Ayoade (Blazing Pen) is the first of three children, born on the 27th day of March, mid 90s to a christian dramatist family. He discovered his natural abilities to write and sing, and worked on himself. A scientist by education but artistic at heart. A National Diploma Graduate of Animal Health and Production and still studying. He started acting at age 4 and wrote his first play at the age of 12. He has some Christian movies and gospel musical tracks to his credit. Some of his poems were first published in Wale Owoade’s poetry anthology ‘BLACK COMMUNION’. He is the founder of this literary group ‘CHRYSOLITE WRITERS.’ A singer, poet, writer (of prose, rama, and poetry), an actor too. Contact: Oke Gbogunmi, off Ife-Odan Rd, Awe, Oyo State, Nigeria Mobile: 2348141858259 Facebook profile: /Samuelayoade.9 

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