Wednesday 20 April 2016

1 Poem by William Ruleman


Angels hover everywhere,
Ever there for those who need their care.
Why are we so loath to know
Those who will make our mornings glow? 


William Ruleman’s poems have appeared, most recently, in The Belle Rȇve Literary Journal , The Galway Review , The New English Review, The New Verse News, The Pennsylvania Review, and The Sonnet Scroll . His books include two collections of his own poems ( A Palpable Presence and Sacred and Profane Loves , both from Feather Books), as well as the following volumes of translation: Poems from Rilke’s Neue Gedichte (WillHall Books, 2003), Vienna Spring: Early Novellas and Stories of Stefan Zweig (Ariadne Press, 2010), and, from Cedar Springs Books, Verse for the Journey: Poems on the Wandering Life by the German Romantics, A Girl and the Weather (poems and prose of Stefan Zweig) , and Selected Poems of Maria Luise Weissmann . He is Professor of English at Tennessee Wesleyan College. 

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